Flower children everywhere should own their own flower headpieces. Made to look as though they have been wandering through the forrest picking beautiful flowers along the way. 


These are gorgeous bands with ribbons and fake woolen dreadlocks cascading down the sides to intertwine with your own lovely locks.


You can request different colours and different lengths so they match in with your hair.


Flower Child

Color: Black
  • These headdresses are made especially for you so please allow up to two weeks for your headdress to arrive. This does mean each and everyone is slightly unique and you do have the freedom to customise yours to make it your very own. If you have specific colourways please let me know.

  • If you are not satisfied with your product then dont worry, if you return it to us within 14days we will happily refund if it hasnt been worn. This is our first season so any feedback on how you think we can improve our product and our customer service would be grately appriciated.