Don't like the idea of wearing a mask all night but don't want the hassle of a mask attached to your face all night? These glamorous masquerade skull masks are perfect for getting the look without the hassle! 

Versatile for skeletons, day of the dead, voodoo and masquerade costumes. So stunning you can wear it with your own black dress and still make a huge statement.

This one is hand painted with the signature day of the dead patterns. The head is heavily adorned with a glittery skull with light up eyes and deep purple roses. The black jewels around the eyes add the additional glamour for this luxurious mask.

Custom colours are an option so get in touch :) 

I hand make each one so please allow up to a week for this from the order date. If you have an important date please let me know before purchasing and I will ensure I meet it.

Day of the Dead Skullstress