Who Is Gypsy Blood?

Hi I'm Savanna. A passionate wild child with a thirsty heart.

When I was 16 my life changed forever as my best friend and I stepped foot on our first festival field! The music, the energy, the people, the fashion, the freedom! I was hooked! I was to then spend the next 15 years chasing festivals, making memories and growing the family along the way.

Thankfully I also landed my dream job as a costume designer which I loved but after 9 years, 100s of festivals and 14 months of traveling the world I decided that someone elses office was not what my soul desired anymore.

So I quit my career with no idea where I was going or what on earth I was going to do!
I spent the summer living in a field building a festival for a school in Nepal, traveled back to California and experienced another Burning man before realizing my passion and my career could go in perfect harmony. So I decided to give it all Ive got and Gypsy Blood was born. This is only the beginning, I don't know where its going from here I just know it wont be boring!